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WARNING: A Law of Attraction System So Powerful That Your Ability To Manifest What You Want, When You Want and For Whatever Reason You Want...will be "certified."


Dr Robert Anthony

From The Desk of Dr. Robert Anthony

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Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that 95% of all “Self-Improvement” efforts fail. Although it’s not usually the person’s fault, most people never get beyond information to achieve actual results.

You’ve been there right?

You hear about a great new course… another seminar… another book… all promising to “automatically” change your life.

Yet time after time, you don't seem to be getting to that ideal life you imagined.

You suffer through failed promise after failed promise…

People have told me they actually feel WORSE after some of these programs, seminars and gurus get done with them.

WORSE! Can you imagine?

That simply shouldn’t happen.

So, how can you know for SURE that the principles, techniques or strategies you’re studying actually work and get results?

The answer is simple; you “certify” your results. But what, exactly, do I mean by “certify”?

Here’s the deal…

No philosophy or teaching should ever be accepted by anyone (including what I teach) unless you can certify its validity in your own life.

How can you do that?

That’s what I want to share with you today…

A No-Nonsense Way To Get The Results You Want...

So SIMPLE, So POWERFUL and So EFFECTIVE you'll gladly toss aside every other so called self-improvement or Law of Attraction program you've every purchased.

Testimonial for The Secret To Deliberate Creation

Fact is, most of what is being taught about “Manifestation” and the “Law of Attraction” borders on metaphysical malpractice.

I’ll even go on record right here, right now in front of the whole Law of Attraction community and say…

I believe that… if there were a board of review, like there is for most practicing professionals; they’d be very busy shutting down a lot of these so called masters and doctors.

Because, after listening to the manifestation experts you may have been led to believe that all you have to do to "manifest your dreams" is to set your intention, send out positive thoughts, and believe the Universe will magically provide it for you.

Then you’re told to keep repeating this process until the manifestation has happened. In other words, what they are saying is… “If my XYZ Secrets to Manifestation don’t work, it’s because you didn’t stick with it long enough.”

Well, it’s time someone finally shot straight with you…

I'm here to tell you: If you approach manifesting what you want the way most of these “experts” tell you to, then you will be very disappointed.

Let me be even more blunt in case you missed it…

Books and programs like the “Secret” are insufficient. Period.

While it is important to set your intention, think positively and have a strong belief, it only represents a part of what you must do to deliberately create the things you desire.

Because, first of all…

Manifestation Is About Alignment...

Before we go any further, please understand that I cannot give you everything you need to know in a short one page letter like this one.

However, I can show you the differences you need to look for in a worthwhile program and why I might be the guy to help you finally get what you want, when you want and for whatever reason you want.

So, back to the alignment thing…

Let’s clarify what "alignment" really means because I see people using this term without really explaining it.

Alignment Occurs On Two Levels:

1. Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics

In short, in the world of Quantum Physics - thoughts (positive or negative) attract their equivalent or vibrational match. Think good thoughts attract good things. Think bad, negative or needy thoughts and you’ll attract bad, negativity and need.

Because, whatever you focus on with intensity and emotion will set the Universe in motion to bring that into your life.

Emotion is a key there. Most of us send out far stronger emotional signals about the things we don't want than those we do want.

And that’s normal. It’s how you and I are wired and it takes very deliberate thinking to overcome our emotional hard-wiring.

But thankfully, it can be done. (Don’t worry if this seems a little strange to you right now. I’ll give you plenty of real life examples in our certification course)

2. Conscious and Subconscious Alignment

Your Conscious desires and your Subconscious intention must be in alignment.

If your Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious Mind wants something else (counter-intention) it is impossible to create what you truly want.

Sure, you can temporarily trick yourself into getting something while you are out of alignment, but in the end it never lasts.

For instance…

Maybe you get a new job but soon you’re right back where you were before –barely scraping by and miserable.

Or maybe you stumble into some money or even create some money through a side business. But soon it too disappears. You chalk it up to the cliché: “easy come easy go.”

But I’m here to tell you, that’s a lie! The Truth is it’s just as easy to keep whatever you get once you are in alignment.

Doesn’t this idea of alignment explain a lot of the ups and owns in your life?

Listen, I’ve been studying this idea for the last 30 years and I can tell you science is teaching us more and more every day about the relationship between our conscious and sub-conscious minds.

That’s why it is critical that whomever you decide to get your manifestation and self-improvement ideas from knows how to apply this tidal wave of new information.

You must choose a teacher that can separate scientific fact from scientific opinion. You need someone, like me, who gets excited about combing through page after page of scientific studies and journals for any little insight that others might miss.

Just sharing these ideas with you gets me excited. There’s so much I want to share with you…

But perhaps I need to back-up and let you in on…

My Secret Struggle

Not many people know it now, but for most of my life I struggled with money issues.

Earning it, not handling it properly, not having what I felt was enough, living in fear of losing it - were all issues in my life at one time or another.

When I was first introduced to the idea of manifesting or the Law of Attraction, it was just an intellectual concept. (I now call it Deliberate Creation)

But when I tried to apply that concept to money, it scared the heck out of me.

Despite how much I knew at a deep inner level about being in alignment, I still lived in financial fear. And those fears kept me from applying what I KNEW was the Truth. So I – maybe like you feel right now – felt stuck. I had all the information I needed to be free.

But I just could not get myself to DO IT.

And as the saying goes, if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. That was true in my life for far longer than I care to admit.

So, here’s happened to allow me to start…

Turning The Corner

One day I had a revelation.

Something inside of me said,

“Robert, as long as you intellectually understand about Deliberate Creation but don’t actually start trusting it, that’s the exact same thing as saying that Deliberate Creation doesn’t exist.

Therefore, you continue to feed your financial struggles... you are caught in a trap of your own making. The end result is that you will never experience financial freedom. Like the trapeze artist in the circus, you must let go of one trapeze in order to reach the other.”

In other words, I needed to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. It was at that point I decided follow – to the letter – exactly what I will share with you in my course The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

There are no words that can express the freedom I experienced once I let go and trusted this one of a kind process.

I trusted my Subconscious Mind and the principles of Quantum Physics to lead me to the right people, circumstances, conditions and opportunities that would turn my financial life around.


It Wasn’t All Sunshine And Roses

Again, let me be completely transparent with you...

I had a few setbacks in the beginning, and you will too, but I decided that this either works or it doesn’t.

Just like you, I needed to KNOW for SURE.

So I took a deep breath and chose to be consistent in applying the principles.

I was consistent in KNOWING and ACTING that my Subconscious Mind and the Laws of Quantum Physics were at work and that money would never be an issue for me again.

And from that point on, money has flowed freely into my life from every direction!

So, the question running through your mind right now might be…

"Who Are You And Why Should I Care?"

Hi, my name is Dr. Robert Anthony.

I am a best-selling author, Master Hypnotist, International Trainer, and Personal Performance Consultant. 

Over the past 30 years I’ve trained and worked with thousands of people, helping them to overcome obstacles that have held them back and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of. (I say I’ve helped thousands, but if you count my best selling books, it’s more like millions. I’ll share some of their public testimonials in just a minute.)

I want to call a time-out right now and say…

If you aren’t already beginning to see and feel the power behind what I am saying, then this may not be right for you. 

However, if what you’ve been hearing does ring true… if you have felt the same frustration I felt… then that is a sure sign you’re ready. And that’s good news, because your life is about to change dramatically for the better. 

But before I show you how to get started with my The Secret of Deliberate Creation course, there’s something else you need to know about me…

In fact, I think you need to know this before you consider what I have to offer.

Before The Gurus… Before The Secret
Before The Internet…

Over the past five years, since the “Secret” was published, dozens of manifestation “experts” and“gurus” have shown up on the scene. 

Everyone is cashing in on promoting the “Law of Attraction” by offering “manifestation” books, seminars and audio programs. 

I think it is important for you to consider I have been teaching the “Law of Attraction” and Manifestation “Secrets” and personal development for over 30 years.

What that means to you is that for more than a quarter century, I’ve been helping people just like you get what they want, when they want it, for whatever reason they want.

Unlike many new gurus, this is not a way for me to make a fast buck.

This is my life… my calling.

I have written fifteen books on different aspects of manifestation, the Law of Attraction and personal development. I’ve been published, in real books – not self published e-books - since the early eighties.

Here’s a screen shot from Amazon…

Amazon screen shot of the Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence

However, despite my credentials and proven successes with students, I wasn’t in “The Secret”.

But it’s not because I was not asked.

In fact, I was the first person Rhonda Byrnes approached for the project. She personally emailed me and said I was her first choice.

She also acknowledges me in the introduction of the book. 

Here’s a picture of the page that I scanned… that way you don’t have to take my word for it…

Scan from acknowlegments on the book, the Secret

However, for reasons I prefer to keep private, I declined to be part of the project. 

And now that the dust of excitement and fanfare has settled, I believe (more than ever) it was the right decision. 

Millions of people who have read my books and have used my programs know that I don’t mince words.

No fluff and No filler. 

I am very direct, but I get results – amazing results like this:

“I purchased your Secret of Deliberate Creation out of frustration because none of the other self-help material I purchased over years gets results.

However, something just “clicked” while listening to your program for just two weeks! My life changed forever and I can now manifest anything I desire. Thank you for helping me to focus my life in the right direction.”

-- Kirk Fowler – Las Vegas, Nevada

What Kirk now has, is what I want for you too: I want you to be able get anything you desire.

But one more warning.

In the course, I will ask you…

Some Tough Questions

Like I said, I won’t pull any punches. I’ll shoot straight with you and I’ll force you to ask yourself some tough questions.

For instance…

What stands between you and having what you want?

Be honest.

Is it…

A lack of education? A toxic marriage? A bad divorce? You have no relationship and can’t find anyone?

Maybe your problem is…

A bad employer? You’re stuck in a job you hate?

Have I hit your answer yet?

Maybe you have more than one thing standing between you and what you want?


A medical condition? 
A weight problem? 
A lack of money?

Whatever it is – let me say that again – WHATEVER it is, I’m proposing that the real reason that you don’t have what you want is because you are creating your life unconsciously by living in DEFAULT mode  instead of consciously by living in DESIGN mode. 

Most of the time you are blocking the deliberate creation process because your conscious messages and your unconscious  messages are in conflict.  

Am I saying that you are deliberately or consciously sabotaging yourself?

Absolutely not. No one deliberately harms themselves – it’s not possible because of the way we are hardwired.

But I am saying that through limited, mostly unconscious  beliefs, and negative, unexamined habitual patterns, you are creating your life by DEFAULT.

You see, the natural state of nature is decay. If you do nothing, eventually, you begin to decay. Actually, from day one, we begin the process of dying even as we are growing.

By doing nothing, you live under that default principle of decay.

However, by being deliberate, you take control and prolong your growth and prosperity phase exponentially.

And here’s the bottom line…

You cannot achieve success by simply slapping positive thoughts on top of a lifetime of empty expectations.

You need to uncover and release the unconscious obstacles  and habitual patterns that hold you back from creating the life you desire.  

The Secret of Deliberate Creation course is designed to do this for you.

And, as I promised at the beginning of this letter, you will be able to have your results “certified” in a very real and tangible way that cannot be questioned.

The focus of The Secret of Deliberate Creation course  is about collapsing the limiting beliefs andunconscious habitual  patterns that stand between you and what you want.

How To Finally Take Back Control Of Your Life...
And Get Unstuck Forever!

What we are talking about is taking control of your life.

Let’s see if I can explain it like this…

Cars have driver’s seats and passenger seats. Passengers have no power or control over what happens in the car, right? It’s the drivers who have all the power and control. 

When you are in default mode, you are an Unconscious Creator… you are in the passenger seat.

But when you become a Conscious Deliberate Creator, you have the opportunity to jump into the driver’s seat and take control of your life.

When you do that, you will be guided to the right people, circumstances, conditions and opportunities that are in alignment with what you truly desire.

Once you collapse the limited beliefs and habitual patterns that have you locked into limitation, you will KNOW at a very deep inner level that you will never have to worry about creating anything you desire again.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Course is like driver’s education for your life.

It’s real… it’s hands on… and it will make you a better driver. You’ll know everything you need to know to get from point A to point B faster than the 'walking around' or 'bumming a ride' through life you are doing now.

After the course, all you’ll need is practice. And just like a car, the practice is actually nothing more than going through your life and driving your new car.

In other words, it’s not an extra step, it’s just part of how you get from where you are to where you want to go, when you want to go there.

Just like when you finally get your first car, you no longer have to wait on anyone to go where you want to go, when you want to go for whatever reason you want to go.

In short, you have just rediscovered that very real bit of freedom your life has been missing by being a passenger instead of a driver.

And remember, just like you get a license to drive a car, I’m going to make sure you get certified to drive the car of Deliberate Creation too. More on that in just a minute.

But first, take a look at this letter of appreciation I received…

“Though I own literally hundreds of spoken-word audio courses, I don't ever remember taking the time to write a testimonial. But I had to this time. Excellence of this extraordinary degree demands acknowledgment, respect and, most of all, gratitude.

The only way I can describe it to someone who thinks this is just another self improvement program is this:

Imagine what romance, adventure, excitement and sheer fun would suddenly flood into your life if you stumbled across a real-life treasure map. Imagine further that this treasure map leads you, step by easy step, to one of the world's richest gold hoards, buried right in your own neighborhood. If you take just a moment to imagine those feelings vividly right now, you'll be getting close to the feelings this program ushers into your life as soon as you get into it.

This is the real thing, life's ultimate Treasure Map, the most reliable, easiest-to-follow map anyone can possess to find every treasure he or she desires in life, whether that treasure be gold, love, health or anything else that adds richness to life.

I thought "Think and Grow Rich," the book that launched a million millionaires, was the landmark work in this field. It has now been surpassed by "The Secret of Deliberate Creation," the new king of the hill in making dreams come true and manifesting one's desires, purely with the power of thought. Thoughts really do have wings.

Without this program, a person can spend years, even decades, drilling dry holes and burrowing down barren shafts, reaping only dust. With it, that same person will be guided straight to the mother lode, literally at the speed of thought. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

-- Gary Bencivenga, Accountable Advertising, Garden City, NY

Just so you know, I don't show you these letters I’ve received to impress you but to impress upon you that this has worked for real people just like you.

Now the good part!

Let me show you what you get…

“Doc in a Box”

Once you decide to take back control of your life using The Secret of Deliberation Creation course, you’ll be given instant access to the program.

This is my very best work on the principles and processes of manifestation. The ideas, examples and exercises you’ll hear on these sessions are the same ones I use daily in my practice with my clients.

The only difference is, you won’t have to drive to my office, get me on the phone and worry about scheduling.  Not to mention, you won't be asked to pay my hourly rate of $500.

And when you consider there are over 6 hours of session content, that’s a very real value of $3,000.

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents for your “Doc in a Box” Secrets of Deliberate Creation course…

The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 1
  • Introduction
  • Quantum Physics - The Key To Creating Your Future
  • The Law Of Attraction
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 1


The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 2
  • How The Collective Consciousness Of Others Controls Your Life
  • How To Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System
  • The Secret Of The Flip Switch 
  • Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 2


The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 3
  • Heart-Set vs. Mindset
  • How To Know What You Truly Desire
  • Your Creative Magic Energy - The Law Of Critical Mass
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 3


The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 4
  • Communicating With Your ESP
  • Understanding Time And Your "Point Of Power"
  • Allowing vs. Resisting
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 4


The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 5
  • Removing Self-Sabotage And Mental Blocks
  • Let Go And Let It Happen
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 5


The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 6
  • How To Know When It's Time To Take Action
  • The Road To No More Excuses
  • The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design
The Secret To Deliberate Creation : Disk 6


There you have it, 6 hours of manifesting gold ready and waiting for you. Simply click the order button below and we’ll give you access right away.

And instead of the $3,000 it would cost you for one on one sessions, you can have them for $167 ONLY $67 (Immediate Download Version).



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#1 – Your “Quick Start Guarantee”

With every copy of The Secret of Deliberate Creation course, I offer my Quick Start Guarantee.

It is very simple…

My Quick Start Guarantee is a self-proving process that will allow you to rapidly earn your original investment back and manifest the cost of program, or you can ask for a refund.

In other words, if you cannot manifest the cost of the program, how can you possibly expect to manifest anything else? It makes no sense!

Rather than trying to manifest $10,000 or a new car as soon as you finish the program, why not use the exact same principles and manifest the entire cost of this program first? What’s the point of trying to manifest $10,000 or a new car if you cannot manifest the cost of the program first within a reasonable period of time?

So what about “Certification”?

As I told you at the top of this letter, I want to certify your success as a Deliberate Creator.

How? Why?

By manifesting your investment in this course, you’ll be proving to yourself that this is the real deal... with cold hard cash.

Your confidence will skyrocket. Your negative beliefs, doubts and any leftover skepticism you might have about this whole idea of Deliberate Creation will vanish.

The Quick Start Program shows you how to do just that. When you receive your program, you will also gain access to five secret messages. Each of these 5 secret messages comes with precise instructions on how to manifest the cost of this program.

Plus, you will receive a rapid manifestation audio to walk you through it step-by-step... I will be there with you each day as your personal coach...

And here's the point... in reality there is no difference between manifesting the cost of this program or $10,000 or more. But I will show you how to walk before you run... Once you have absolute confidence -- there will be no stopping you...

Still not sure?  Let me put you at ease.

#2 – Your 60 Day Unconditional
No Weasel Clauses Guarantee

I'm so confident The Secret of Deliberate Creation course will transform your life... financially… emotionally… spiritually… relationships… and more that I'm willing to take all the risk, and put my most prized work on the table for you to pick up and put to the test.

In addition to the Quick Start Guarantee of recovering the cost of the program, I also guarantee that this program will work for anyone who actually uses it. I know that it is impossible to fail if you follow the simple steps. It is impossible not to get results because that would be the first time in history that these principles have failed.

That’s why I offer my 60 Day Unconditional No Weasel Clauses Guarantee.

Guarantee for The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The only way this program can fail to work, is if you fail to apply it to your life. But if that happens, then it’s more my fault than yours. If you fail, it’s because I, as a teacher, have not made applying this powerful system to your life straightforward enough.

So, if you find you are not totally thrilled with the results… if you aren’t excited about applying this to your life right away, then I’ll refund your full purchase price on the spot. No questions asked. No hard feelings either. Just return the course and you'll receive a full refund. 

So why would I make such a bold offer and then back it up with such a great guarantee?

Because I believe that if you apply these ideas and principles to your life you will earn more money in the next three, six or twelve months than you did last year. I believe you will improve your relationships and have a happier and richer life from using this program. And, I believe that if you get that from this course then you will want to tell your friends about it. Right? 

Of course you would! In fact, I know this is true because half of my business comes from client referrals.

So, that’s why I’m willing to get the course in your hands for just $167 ONLY $67 (Immediate Download Version) and stand behind it with my double guarantee.

But before you get your copy of the course, let me show you what else I’ll be sending along as a special thank you…

You’ll also get…

7 Incredible Gifts
Proven To Change Lives…


When I give you access to The Secret of Deliberate Creation course today, I’ll be giving you 7 of my books absolutely free.

Books that have changed lives of readers around the world.

In other words, you get…

A Complete Total Success Library

Over my career my books have helped hundreds of thousands even millions of people change their lives.

But you shouldn’t just take my word for it.

So, I pulled some reviews of my books from Amazon.com. This is not an endorsement from Amazon, just what people have publicly posted about my books.

For instance…

Review for Beyond Positive Thinking

Or this...

Review from 50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Or even this...

Review from 50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Now, I’d be misleading you if I said everyone loved my books – they don’t. You can see that for yourself on Amazon.

But, that’s also why I offer you a double guarantee on my course… because I know some people simply will not agree with my ideas.

And that’s ok. I’m fine with that.

So, with that said, let’s look at these 7 FREE Gifts you’ll be getting…


Beyond Postitive Thinking : A No Nonsene Formula
        For Getting The Results You Want

Bonus Gift #1: “Beyond Positive Thinking” – A No-Nonsense Formula For Getting The Results You Want ($19.95 Value)

“For the first time ever – an advanced success system that never fails” – that is how Dr. Joe Vitale describes “Beyond Positive Thinking” which is my latest update of my all-time best seller “The Advanced Formula For Total Success.”

"Beyond Positive Thinking" reveals a proven advanced formula to achieve all your personal goals and intentions — 100% Guaranteed. Still in print, 178 pages – you get it here as a GIFT!

Betting On Yourself

Bonus Gift #2: “Betting on Yourself” - Step-By- Step Strategies For The Total Winner ($19.95 Value)

Do you consider yourself "lucky" or "unlucky"? A gambler or not? Have you ever found yourself saying: "I’ll bet (this or that) is going to happen?" The fact is we are ALL gamblers. Any situation that involves financial, physical or emotional risk is a gamble.

"Betting on Yourself" is concerned with winning the most important game of all – the Game of Life... It will give you a new perspective on winning, attracting new opportunities and creating good luck and good fortune. 185 pages. I recently saw the out-of-print version of this book selling on an Amazon.com auction for $94.89!

The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence

Bonus Gift #3: “The Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self Confidence” ($12.95 Value)

My first book which still continues to be a best seller. It is an excellent book for those who want a step-by-step strategy for building self-confidence and creating the life they desire.

Recently, I completely rewrote and revised this book. The newly written material makes this book a better value than ever.

Many people tell me "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence" is a modern day version of Napoleon Hill’s - THINK AND GROW RICH. A wonderful compliment since this was my favorite book. This book is must for your collection. It is highly suggested for anybody beginning their journey of personal growth. Still in print – 151 pages.

Magic Power of Super Persuasion

Bonus Gift #4: “Magic Power of Super Persuasion” - For Top Achievers Who Want To Turn Personal Ideas Into Positive Results ($9.95 Value)

Eighty five percent of your success depends on your ability to communicate your ideas. "The Magic Power of Super Persuasion" will help you to redesign your communication patterns so that you can communicate your ideas more effectively.

You will learn how to strengthen your self-confidence and personal power, build trust and credibility, open up closed minds, persuade others to cooperate with you in producing the results you desire, and much, much more. A book that will give you more than your money’s worth... 154 pages.

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

Bonus Gift #5: “Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do” - The Ultimate Key To Personal Happiness and Financial Freedom ($19.95 Value)

The key to happiness and success is following your passion. This book will show you precisely how to do that. If you are not following your dream or want to expand on what you already love to do, you will find this book helpful and inspiring.

As far as I am concerned, this book is worth having if you just read the last chapter – "A Lesson from Ramon". I have never met anyone who more clearly exemplifies the principles of success and happiness than Ramon. His words will inspire and motivate you for the rest of your life. 123 pages.

How To Make The Impossible Possible

Bonus Gift #6: “How to Make the Impossible Possible” - Turning Your Life Around Through Possibility Thinking (A $19.95 Value)

The interesting thing about life is just when you think you have it figured out, a new lesson presents itself that you are totally unprepared for. "How To Make the Impossible Possible" shows how we create impossible situations and why things go wrong - even if we are positive.

I wrote this book when I was going through a very difficult period in my life. It was a period of self-doubt where I had to reach a little deeper to find the answers I needed. In it, I share how to turn any impossible situation into possible positive outcome. This is a book that can make a difference in anyone’s life. 181 pages.

50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Bonus Gift #7: “50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life!” - An Indispensable Guide To Happiness and Prosperity (A $19.95 Value)

Unlike any other book I have written... I am not much of a storyteller. I’m more of a "just give me the facts" type of person. However, I decided to teach the lessons from my other books in story form. There are 50 ideas in the form of observations and anecdotes that are designed to help you have a clearer picture of how to apply the principles for success.

Each chapter is separate from the other so you can pick it up and put it down and not have to read the entire book at once. 68 pages.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation   Puts Together The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle

The results I achieved came about because I have been a seeker all of my life. I am also a good researcher so over the last three decades I have read and studied just about everything written on the subject of success and deliberate creation.

It has been a bit like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle.

My intention was to put the pieces together for my clients so they didn’t have to. After several years of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I created The Secret of Deliberate Creation program you see above.

Once you understand and follow The Secret of Deliberate Creation as I have it laid out for you – you can live in a natural state that allows you to easily and effortlessly create and attract an unlimited amount of abundance in your life with no stress and no worries.



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Buy The Secret of Deliberation

Read This ONLY If You Are Still Unsure Whether The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Is Right For You.

Playing The Game Of Life To Win

Through this process you can Deliberately Create  a successful business, more sales, a beautiful home, education for your children, fulfilling relationships or anything else you desire. 

However, Deliberate Creation is not something that you can just accept intellectually. That was my problem in the beginning. I understood it intellectually, but I did not ACT on my beliefs.

There are two kinds of people:

  1. Those who play the game of life TO WIN.  (Take Action on what they KNOW.)

  2. Those who play the game of life NOT TO LOSE.  (Keep collecting more information and avoid taking Action.)

I fell into the second category for far longer than I care to admit.  I had all the information I needed, but I did not take action. So I understand how gathering and learning can FEEL like action even though it’s not.

This is the reason why most people do not have what they want. Their true or hidden goal is not to get what they want, but to avoid failure and disappointment.  So they do nothing.  They just read and study and accumulate more information.

You always have a choice. You can play the game of life to AVOID LOSING and live an unstable, stressful life of limitation in which, no matter how much you read and study this stuff, you will never CONSISTENTLY get what you want, or..…

You can play the game of life to WIN and DO WHAT YOU KNOW. When you do, your life will no longer be about survival, but about experiencing joy and abundance and creating anything you desire regardless of your current circumstances, the economy or any other perceived obstacle.

In other words…

Right NOW Could Be 
A Turning Point In Your Life

Remember earlier I told you about my “Turning Point”?

Well, one of the over-reaching principles of success is the power of "Now". The fact is that nothing ever happens tomorrow  -- things only happen RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow is an illusion.

So you may think that you'll get around to this tomorrow, but how likely is that?

If you're not where you want to be RIGHT NOW in your relationships, finances and personal success, it’s because you've postponed taking care of that part of your life.

Why keep on doing it?

Why postpone getting the keys to your fulfillment another day, when you can acquire them RIGHT NOW?

Your life is not a dress rehearsal.  You can change the direction of your life RIGHT NOW, or you could just sit back, turn on the TV and stay the same person for the rest of your life…

I don’t think you want to do that or you would have not read this far. I have tried to be as factual as possible.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to decide if The Secret of Deliberate Creation is “right” for you.

If you have that feeling inside that you are tired of struggling and want to break free and be happy, healthy and abundant in every area of your life STARTING NOW then this is your time to make changes.

Remember, The Secret of Deliberate Creation  comes with both my QUICK START and my  60 Day Unconditional Guarantee.  I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. 

Do something different today. Invest in the most invaluable asset in your life. Not your home, not your car, not your retirement, but in YOU!



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One Last Plea For Those Who Have A Hard Time Believing There Really Is…

A Simple, Easy, Effective Process For Rapid Change

The thing you will probably struggle with the most is the idea that you can change your life quickly.  In fact, most therapists are trained to believe “it takes a long time to change”.

The problem is when we buy into the “it takes a long time to change” mentality it makes things more difficult for ourselves.

We are also programmed with the “no pain no gain” mentality.  If you are programmed enough like that, it builds up and your life becomes a struggle.

You don’t have to struggle or “work hard” to get what you want. That is just another belief system. The fact of the matter is that the people who are the happiest; the people who are the most successful personally and financially, do not struggle or work hard.

Applying the principles in The Secret of Deliberate Creation course to make rapid changes in your life is a simple and easy process.

If it is that simple, I guess it begs the question; why does this program have six hours of instruction? Good question!

The reason I have included six hours of instruction is that there is a world of difference between KNOWING how to do something and actually DOING it.  We don’t do what we know because our Subconscious mind resists change. If the Subconscious mind is not convinced the change is possible and safe, it will not allow the change to be made. The Subconscious holds all the cards.

So my job is two-fold.

First… I must “convince” your Conscious or logical mind how and why this works. After your Conscious mind accepts the “logic” of how and why it works, it will allow the information to enter your Subconscious.

Permanent and lasting change requires that both  the logical (Conscious) and emotional (Subconscious) mind are in alignment.  To do this I use several techniques to make SURE that this happens.

Second… after aligning your Conscious and Subconscious mind I will give you simple instructions on how to use the information to create anything you desire. With everything in place, your Subconscious will align your intentions with the principles of Deliberate Creation through the use of Quantum Physics (Law of Attraction) and you can create whatever you desire in an easy stress-free manner.

And, it’s a repeatable process. It is not hit or miss. You can do it over and over again.

However, you must get the course… use the course… and apply the course in order to get what you want, when you want it for what ever reason you want it.

So, it’s decision time.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

We talked earlier about how this program could be your new car to rapidly get you where you want to go after years of bumming rides, walking or catching the bus.

But it’s not just any car. It’s a dependable, luxury ride… the Mercedes Benz of courses.

A Mercedes-Benz costs more than a regular car, right? And there's good reason for it.

I own a Mercedes because they put the best available engineering and design into it.

It is one of the safest and most technologically advanced cars in the world.

And on top of that, they add their own innovations that most other auto manufacturers end up copying.

I've also spent years researching this material and putting together the cutting edge of everything that's out there to bring you the Mercedes-Benz of All Manifestation Programs.

I’ve worked with thousands of people directly… and impacted millions of lives over 30 years. What I’d like to put in your hands today is my most powerful work to date.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a program that's designed specifically for generating the rapid life-changing results you are looking for.

Trust me -- I know what’s out there.  You can go online right now and spend half as much or three times as much money on programs that won't contain half as much useful information as you'll find in The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

Listen, it doesn’t get any better than this.

But ultimately, you’ll need to decide for yourself. Therefore, if you are interested, simply click the order button below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your exciting stories of transformation and manifestation.

Your Friend,

Signature image for Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

International Trainer, Master Hypnotist, Personal Performance Consultant

P.S.  Oh, I forgot to mention something. I want to tell you about one more Special Free Gift I have for you. I KNOW you are going to be happy with The Secret of Deliberate Creation course, but check out this bonus gift… it’s my way of saying “thank you” for ordering today. Enjoy!

Bonus Gift #8: “The Intention Activator” Software (A $49.95 Value) 
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“The Intention Activator” is a revolutionary tool that lets you effortlesslyThe Intention Activatorbreak bad habits, permanently destroy limiting beliefs, and attract exactly what you want.

The Intention Activator is designed to keep your ATTENTION on yourINTENTION. This is done by installing a small scrolling marquee on the very top of your computer “Desktop”.

The program continuously displays your "intention statements" on your Desktop…leaving your other applications undisturbed. It runs along the top of your screen .…causing you to automatically…and effortlessly focus on them.

Anytime your Desktop is displayed the scrolling marquee reminds you of your intention. It keeps you focused on what you want and increases your motivation and desire to make it happen.  If you are using another program you can either shut it off, or just leave it running in the background.

The Gift Package Of 7 Ebooks, Intention Activator Software  And The Quick Start Program Is Worth Over $300 And Is Yours FREE Of Charge For GETTING STARTED TODAY!


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