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My name is Dr, Robert Anthony. I am a best-selling author, Master Hypnotist, International Trainer, and Personal Performance Consultant.  I’ve worked with thousands of people, helping them overcome obstacles and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of. I am excited to help you manifest your desires too!

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-- The Complete Deliberate Creation System Includes --

#1 - "The Secret of Deliberate Creation"

The focus of "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" is is about collapsing the limiting beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns that stand between you and what you want.

#2 - "Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis"

The focus of "Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis" is to accelerate the results you get with "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" by teaching you how to bypass your inner gatekeeper and instantly redesign your subconscious blueprint


Gift #1: “Beyond Positive Thinking” – A No-Nonsense Formula For Getting The Results You Want ($19.95 Value)


GIFT #2: "Betting on Yourself" - Step-By-Step Strategies For The Total Winner ($19.95 Value)

GIFT #3: "The Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self Confidence" ($12.95 Value)


GIFT #4: "Magic Power of Super Persuasion" - For Top Achievers Who Want To Turn Personal Ideas Into Positive Results ($9.95 Value)

GIFT #5: "Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do - The Ultimate Key To Personal Happiness and Financial Freedom
($19.95 Value)

GIFT #6: "How to Make the Impossible Possible" - Turning Your Life Around Through Possibility Thinking (A $19.95 Value)

GIFT #7: "50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life!" - An Indispensable Guide To Happiness and Prosperity (A $19.95 Value)

GIFT #8: &The Intention Activator Software (A $49.95 Value)
[Available for Microsoft Windows only]

My 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee

I'm so confident The Secret of Deliberate Creation PLUS Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis will transform your life... financially, emotionally, in every area... that I'm willing to take all the risk, and lay bare my most prized work for the taking...

That’s why I offer my 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee.
If you find you are not thrilled with the results. I’ll refund your full purchase price on the spot. No questions asked.

48% off the Regular Price - only $119!

What people are saying...

"I learned more from this than all the self-improvement stuff I have ever read or heard. There is so much information that you need to listen to them many times over."

-- Tom Console, Scottsdale Arizona


“I purchased your Secret of Deliberate Creation out of frustration because none of the other self-help material I purchased over years gets results. However, something just “clicked” while listening to your program for just two weeks! My life changed forever and I can now manifest anything I desire. Thank you for helping me to focus my life in the right direction.    

-- Kirk Fowler – Las Vegas, Nevada


This is the real thing, life's ultimate Treasure Map, the most reliable, easiest-to-follow map anyone can possess to find every treasure he or she desires in life, whether that treasure be gold, love, health or anything else that adds richness to life.

-- Gary Bencivenga, Accountable Advertising, Garden City, NY


"Dr. Anthony's "Secret of Deliberate Creation" dramatically changed my life.  I am extremely grateful to him."

- Luanne Hunt

"I have listened to the Secret of Deliberate Creation in my car so many time that parts of it are completely worn out. It's amazing. Thanks for the guidance.

-Steve Ford

"Thank your for sharing your knowledge on how to harnes the point of attraction. It is good to have people like you around. You are an ingridient that gives us hope to believe in ourselves and stay focused on what we want to achieve."

- Voster Musole

"Wow is all I can say!"

- Elizabeth Mercer

48% off the Regular Price - only $119!

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