Is Your Inner Gatekeeper
Holding Your Dreams Hostage?

Discover How to Use my 'Instant Trigger Method'
to Bypass Your Critical Factor, Change Your Subconscious Blueprint and Quickly Get Your Heart's Desires!

Dear Friend,

In a matter of minutes, I'll reveal why the 'Principle of Least Effort' is stealing from you and is the SECRET to finally breaking through old barriers and living a life of complete abundance and happiness...

And by simply reading this today, you'll also discover...

The fastest way to bypass your inner gatekeeper and gain unlimited, creative access to your subconscious blueprint without waiting months or even years to see results, and without sacrificing your heart's desires...

The 1 thing you must AVOID if you want to make lasting and positive change...

A simple and fast way to stop counter-intentions in their tracks, before they stop you...

Now, before I get into these, dream magnetizing, tips, it's important that I quickly explain what you are up against when you 'try to change' and have:

  • Powerful, positive habits
  • Abundant money flow
  • Radiant health
  • Harmonious relationships

And absolutely EVERYTHING else...

That's how important this is - if you don't get this, you will spend years banging your head against a wall, frustrated that you are 'doing everything right' and yet it still isn't working. And that's not what I want for you - so let's go through this quickly together - deal?

Most people try to make change in their brain - and although it is true that we all have a brain, we also possess two minds the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS. And it is VITAL that you understand the different functions of each of them before you try to make any changes...

The Limited Conscious Mind vs.
The Unlimited Subconscious Mind

Your CONSCIOUS mind is your everyday normal state of awareness andhas some very important functions such as planning, breaking things down into steps and self-awareness. If you had no CONSCIOUS mind, you wouldn't be able to appreciate beautiful scenery. You couldn't fall in love - and know you're doing it. You couldn't appreciate or stand back after having done a task and look at it and be proud of what you've accomplished.

Your CONSCIOUS mind is very important. It allows you to appreciate the good things in life and it allows you to decide, "What is it that I want more of?"

However, the problem is that the CONSCIOUS mind is very limited...

Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is where you record and respond to habits and where your wisdom, insight, intuition, memories, learning, happy experiences as well as unpleasant experiences are stored.

Most importantly, your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is your connection with Higher Intelligence.

Imagine the captain of a ship and his crew. The captain represents your CONSCIOUS mind. The crew and the ship represent your SUBCONSCIOUS mind. So the difference between the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS is that one gives directions and the other follows orders.

It would be ridiculous for the captain to go down into the boiler room and push more coal into the steamer, scrub the decks, paint the ship, make the meals and attend to everything else because that's what the crew is for.

And just like the ship, we operate mostly from the SUBCONSCIOUS.

Who is *REALLY* Holding Your Dreams Hostage?

Between your CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS there is a gatekeeper called the "Critical Factor". The Critical Factor takes what your CONSCIOUS mind is thinking and seeks approval from the SUBCONSCIOUS mind to pass the information along. Sometimes it allows it to be delivered and sometimes it does not.

Many say we develop this Critical Factor at about age six because prenatal and neonatal brains operate predominantly in Delta and Theta EEG frequencies through the first six years of our lives. This level of brain activity is also referred to as the hypnotic state.

While in this hypnotic state, children do not have to be actively coached into specific beliefs. They develop a core belief system simply by observing and interacting with parents, siblings, peers, teachers, religion and television.

Until about age six we learn things very quickly because the Critical Factor is not developed. Yet, as we age it becomes more important to exercise caution and know the difference between right and wrong, and the Critical Factor becomes more discerning and developed and creates a new set of problems.

Let me give you an example...

Let's say you are a smoker and you say, "I want to quit smoking". That is your Conscious Mind speaking. The Critical Factor will then take that thought and turn to the SUBCONSCIOUS and ask if that thought can enter. And here is the baffling part...

The SUBCONSCIOUS will most likely reject the stop smoking thought and not allow it to enter.

Why? Because...

The Principle of Least Effort is Stealing From You...

The SUBCONSCIOUS operates on the "principle of least effort". Simply put, It likes things the way they are and likes routine. In fact, it hates change.

Because it hates change and likes to keep things the way they are, it may even try to justify the decision to keep smoking with excuses such as "I need to smoke to reduce stress" or, "it keeps me from being anxious or grouchy". So it may reject the 'quit-smoking' message.

So the Critical Factor really is a Gatekeeper and as the name implies, it is a gatekeeper between what happens in the outside world and what you allow inside.

The Gatekeeper's function is simply to keep things the same. Its primary intention is to make your life easier by rejecting information that doesn't match the Subconscious Blueprint you already have inside.

So the Gatekeeper is designed to keep information out -- which is tremendously useful when someone tries to persuade you to do something stupid like telling you that you can "Jump off a building and you'll fly!"

But, it's also very harmful when it keeps you stuck with a belief or habit that you don't want anymore.

And the Gatekeeper uses powerful tools like fear, doubt, worry and anger to automatically reject new information.

Now you see that when you bypass the gatekeeper and replace those hidden SUBCONSCIOUS blocks and beliefs, nothing will stand in the way of becoming a non-smoker or changing any other habit or changing any other aspect of your life.

So how do you start?

Here is The #1 Thing You Must AVOID...

AVOID Using willpower to change!

Most people try to change their habits and beliefs through the use of willpower. I WILL stop smoking. I WILL lose weight. I WILL be confident. I WILL become wealthy, etc.

The problem with willpower -- believe it or not - is willpower does not exist!

The truth is that you do not have willpower or lack of willpower. What is really happening when you use what most people call "willpower" is your Conscious attention is overriding your Subconscious attention.

You can consciously override what your SUBCONSCIOUS mind has been programmed to do, BUT when your conscious mind gets distracted, your SUBCONSCIOUS mind takes over again and you go back to living how you did before.

This is the culprit when...

  • You're on a diet and your "willpower" breaks, and what happens? You find yourself with cheesecake in hand.
  • You're a smoker and you consciously decide not to smoke and it works for a little while. However, the moment you get distracted you grab a cigarette. Why? Because your SUBCONSCIOUS attention says you smoke, so you smoke.
  • You procrastinate.  And you decide to use "willpower" to stop yourself from procrastinating.  That works okay for awhile until your conscious attention gets distracted and you go right back to procrastinating.

Listen, it is not your fault!

It's important to understand that if you are having difficulties making changes, you are not weak willed nor does it mean you cannot change.  You are using the wrong part of your mind to try and make the change.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that you have to change your SUBCONSCIOUS Blueprint or automatic programming, otherwise you will keep getting the same results no matter how hard you try to change.

And I have great news for you...

There are many ways to do this. One of the fastest ways is through hypnosis. Because hypnosis bypasses the Gatekeeper to give you unlimited, creative access to rewrite the Blueprint in your SUBCONSCIOUS so that it finally gives you everything you want out of life without any effort or struggle.

The key is that you must allow the SUBCONSCIOUS to have some time to do its work.  It took time for the Blueprint that you have inside yourself to be set, and it will take a little time to allow that blueprint to be changed.

You Can Do This Instantly...

Self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool for change. If you're interested in a self-hypnosis program all you have to do is go on Google and do a search. There are dozens of programs for sale, maybe you have even used some of them...

However, in my Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis program, I do something completely different...

Notice the word instant - that has been added for a reason.  Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis teaches you Self-Hypnosis, AND it teaches you how to do it instantly without going through a long boring induction every time you want to use it.

Initially I guide you through the steps while simultaneously re-patterning your Subconscious Blueprint to be able to access positive trance states instantly. I do this by using a specific trigger that is built into the method.

Now, a quick and easy definition of "trance" is our habitual way of focusing on and filtering information and reacting to that information whether it is "real" or not.  A trance acts like a filter. And the important truth is that you are already in a trance!  It could be the trance of happiness, the trance of struggle, the trance of abundance, the trance of poverty, etc.

So the key is to be able to bypass your gatekeeper to shift yourself from the habits and beliefs that are not getting you what you want to a trance (focus of attention) that works for you.

Beliefs create the trance state. When you lock on to your version of the truth, your reactions to what happens in your world become predictable and automatic. You behave in a way that is congruent with what YOU believe to be true.

A large part of the Subconscious patterning process - the formation of your trance that I have just described - relates to beliefs that we develop regarding ourselves.

Unfortunately, the programming of our childhood is held in our Subconscious and comes back to plague us as adults and rob us of our greatness! This causes many people feel stuck, ineffective and victimized - in spite of the fact that their CONSCIOUS intentions may be focused upon success.

The Fastest Way to Bypass Your Gatekeeper

A few moments ago we talked about the Gatekeeper. The purpose of the Gatekeeper is to keep you in your current trance.  In order to change the trance we have to get by the Gatekeeper.

Therefore, your task is to get that Gatekeeper out of action or out of commission, so that you can go straight to the Subconscious, where the Blueprint is, and start changing that Blueprint to make it a richer, healthier and happier.

You want to rewrite the Blueprint so that your Subconscious attention ends up giving you everything you want out of life.

That's what my Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis is designed to do. It gives you the ability to change the Subconscious Blueprint so that all the energy goes in the direction that you want it to go. When you do that, life becomes easy, natural and effortless. No willpower, no forcing and no unpleasantness required.

This is, incidentally, is why so many people fail and struggle to change their lives. It's because they're using the wrong mind to remove the obstacles in their life and solve their problems. If the problem is lodged in the Subconscious, then you must go to the Subconscious to solve the problem.

By going to the place where the problem exists and resolving it, you create true freedom and the ability to live life on your terms.  You just need to know how and where to go inside your mind to make the necessary changes so that you get you what you want instead of what you don't want.

You can do this through Self-Hypnosis.  Self-Hypnosis is a simple but powerful tool that allows us to bypass the Gatekeeper and open a window of opportunity to talk directly to your Subconscious mind without interference and then you have unlimited, creative access to rewrite our Subconscious blueprint.

In addition, as I mentioned earlier, Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis sets up an artificial mechanism to trigger that natural this process so that you can use it anytime and enter the trance level almost instantly. You get to do it when and wherever you want to.

At that point, you'll have true power, because your intention will be coupled with the window opening up inside your mind, which will allow that intention to go straight through to the Subconscious, rewrite the Blueprint and you get your heart's desire.

Stop Counter-Intentions in Their Tracks (before they stop you)

Another important point here is that your Conscious and Subconscious must be in agreement. If there are any counter-intentions, you will not get what you want. So you need to get your Conscious and Subconscious in agreement and stop any counter-intentions in their tracks.

Once you have bypassed your gatekeeper this is as fun and simple as asking your Subconscious to clear anything that is in conflict with your new goals.  Remember you are doing this work at the Subconscious level. You are already there! So just do the work there. Once you have done this there is nothing that can stop you from achieving you goals.

Say something like, "I am now willing, ready and choose to release any beliefs that are in conflict with what I desire. In their place, I am willing and allow you to install a new set of beliefs from Higher Intelligence that are alignment with my true purpose and desires.  You know what is best for me, so I will leave it up to you."

This is very simple and it works every time!

You see why you must find a way to bypass the Critical Factor. And with Self Hypnosis you can pop into your Subconscious mind, re-write the Blueprint and by the time the Gatekeeper wakes up again it too late to argue or reject your instructions. Then all you have to do is allow your Subconscious do its thing.

Once your Subconscious knows what you want, trust me, you will be guided towards the right people, places, circumstances and opportunities that are in alignment with your desire.  And, it will show you what is required or what actions you need to take to make it happen.

I have spent decades studying and learning and practicing, and I wanted to save you the time I spent discovering how to do this, so I've made it super-easy for you.


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5 Burning Questions About Hypnosis...

Through the years, I have found that there are 5 big questions that many people want the answer to before they begin using Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis to change their subconscious blueprint - so I wanted to share those with you today...

Question #1: Is hypnosis natural?

Yes! Hypnosis is one of the most natural states in the world. It is nothing more than a focus of attention.  In fact, you will spontaneously fall into hypnosis or little mini-trances throughout the day without even realizing it. That's why you have the capacity to change your life.

Question #2: Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

Nope! By now, you understand trance is a natural phenomenon and that it is impossible to ever get stuck in hypnosis. How can you get stuck? You've been in all of these mini-trances throughout your life and you've always come back, because your body knows how to do it.

In fact, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you can asleep before you have the chance to change your Blueprint. That's why in Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis I teach you how to do it instantly.

Question #3: Is hypnosis safe?

Your Subconscious maintains balance and protects you from harm and protects you from all kinds of things that you're not ready to handle yet. Your subconscious will continue to protect you for your entire life - even when you are using hypnosis.

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Question #4: Are hypnosis and meditation the same thing?

They are actually VERY different. Meditation is a 'no-thought' process.  While in Self-Hypnosis we go to the Subconscious for a reason and give it commands.  Essentially we are telling it what we want. After you bypass the Gatekeeper, your Subconscious will act on your suggestions or instructions.

The bonus is that the Subconscious has a direct connection to a Higher Intelligence that knows what is best for you and is not limited by time or space.  It knows your true purpose and will give you solutions that are in alignment with your purpose. When this happens you can't go wrong.

Now don't misunderstand me. Your Subconscious needs your conscious input.  Your Conscious mind allows you to decide on what you want. You must ask for what you want and do it in a state of enthusiasm and expectancy, however the key is not to try to figure out how you will get it, what it will look like, or tell your Subconscious how to do it.  And most importantly, don't tie yourself down to one outcome.

Question #5: How is this different than Affirmations and Positive Thinking?

Subconscious instructions are very different than Affirmations. Affirmations can certainly be very powerful as they state our intentions in the positive and elevate our energy level, enthusiasm and expectancy.

The problem is that most people try to use affirmations to override their Subconscious beliefs.  Affirmations can change your Subconscious over time, but they are very SLOW.  Every time you use affirmations they must get by the gatekeeper.  Occasionally you may catch the gatekeeper off guard when it is focused on something else, and the affirmation can slip through, but this can take a long time. This is why I prefer to use Self-Hypnosis.  We can go right to the Subconscious and bypass the Conscious mind and the Critical Factor.

The same is true for positive thinking. I am not knocking positive thinking, but in truth positive thinking is nothing more an overlay of doubt; it's a strategy to overcome negative thinking.  And while it may have better effects than negative thinking, I have never seen it resolve the issue of aligning our Conscious Desires with our Subconscious Beliefs.  This has to be done on a Subconscious level.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I look forward to helping you achieve all your great dreams!

Truly Caring For Your Success!

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